Virtually all our vans have a Auto Group Warranty

Auto Group - Next generation thinking...old fashioned values - Their Story.

The Auto Group has been created by professionals from the warranty and financial industries who have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency and customer service offered by many warranty providers.

Our mission has been to create the best range of products available today, and combine them with a support service that gets customers back on the road quickly, with as little inconvenience and stress as possible. We achieve this by focussing on fairness and common sense, rather than looking for loopholes.

We launched The Auto Group with a mission to help car dealers sell vehicles with much better protection packages for their customers. These now include Dealer Guarantee, Warranty, Road Rescue, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Tyre & Alloy, Gap, and a referrals & renewals programme.

Why the Van Man uses Auto Group

We decided long ago to offer our customer that little bit more in terms of piece of mind, we are careful with the vehicles we sell and do our upmost to supply the very best we can at a great price, but as with all things in life there is no crystal ball for seeing into the future. So we give our vans an Auto Group Warranty. This cover is usually 6 months cover ' advantage protection' more details available on request.

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